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For Health Professionals

Although technically the physicians in Covenant Medical Group are employed by the group, we refer to them as "members" and strive to treat them in a self-empowered, physician-friendly, and supportive manner. Covenant Medical Group created a sophisticated practice infrastructure to relieve the physician from the hassles of practice management, payer mix selectivity, managed care negotiations, employee recruitment, governmental regulation compliance, capitalization of medical office space and equipment, etc.

We want our physicians to focus their time and full attention on the clinical practice of medicine, which is stressful enough, without having to deal directly with the confusing myriad of medical business issues that confronts most self-employed physicians. We certainly accept active physician-member input on business issues, but do not routinely demand their direct involvement, unless they choose to become a Board member or Committee member.

We compensate our physicians within a fair-market-value analysis, based on their practice productivity for personally performed services. Thus, they are somewhat protected from payer-mix, collection rates, managed care reimbursement, and evolving practice expense issues. We use the MGMA survey and the consulting expertise of Cejka to arrive at our annual salaries.

A generous benefits package is also available to each member which includes health insurance, dental insurance, medical liability insurance with $1 million / $3 million coverage, disability insurance, life insurance, a three level retirement plan which includes corporate matching funds, reimbursement for professional expenses and moving expenses, and paid time off for illness, vacation, and CME.

Covenant Medical Group feels that its salary and benefits package and other value-added services have been key factors in our long-term success as a huge, multi-specialty, geographically dispersed, medical group. In other words, while it is great to be a member of the area's largest and most prestigious medical group, it is also nice to be well compensated for the very hard work innate to the practice of modern medicine.

For more information, please contact Kelly Fourtney, Physician Recruiter at 806.725.7875.