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Experience high-quality care from one of our five-star physicians. Paired with a compasionate care philosophy, patients can have confidence knowing they have placed their care in hands they can trust.

Harold K. Smith, MD, Mark D. D’Alise, MD, FACS and Jonathan Mannas, MD are accepting appointments to see patients at their new location in north Lubbock.

Nevan G. Baldwin, MD, FACS is located next to Covenant Medical Center and is currently accepting patients.

We offer services ranging from vascular neurosurgery to neurotrauma and more.

  • Brain Tumor Surgery​: Treatment and removal of brain tumor through surgery.
  • Reconstructive Spine Surgery: Treatment for correcting the spine.
  • Vascular Neurosurgery: Treatment of vascular problems located in central nervous system.
  • Gamma Knife Surgery: Highly developed treatment for brain tumors and other brain disorders.
  • Movement Disorder Surgery: Treatment of involuntary body movements.
  • Spinal Tumor Surgery: Treatment and removal of spinal tumor through surgery.
  • Complex Spine Surgery: Treatment for severe trauma to the spine and fusion operations.
  • Epilepsy Surgery: Treatment that removes or isolates area of brain where seizures originate.
  • Neurotrauma: Treatment of injured nerve, especially part of the central nervous system.

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