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Mental health conditions are more common than you might think. In the U.S., more than 18 percent of adults lived with a mental illness in the past year, according to the National Institutes of Health. Here are the top 10 most common mental disorders among adults in the U.S.:
Heart disease is a killer, but you can do plenty to reduce your risk and prolong your life. Research shows that making lifestyle changes can decrease your risk of heart disease and help you control it if you already have it.
Chest pain and shortness of breath are telltale signs there could be trouble with your ticker. However, more subtle symptoms may occur.
Feeling like you need a nap an hour after downing a venti latte is a pretty clear clue that you’re not getting enough sleep. However, there are some more subtle signs that you’re lacking z’s. Here are three to watch for
While medical advancements have made aging easier for some, changes in society may make it more difficult for others. Researchers estimate about 22 percent of Americans are at high risk of aging without a family member or caretaker looking after their needs. This new and growing group is called “elder orphans.”
Digestive disorders can be uncomfortable, but they don’t have to control your life. Follow these tips to ease your symptoms and manage the condition. A few simple changes can make a big difference.
Your thyroid, a small butterfly-shaped gland in the front of your neck, is one of your body’s most important organs. It produces two thyroid hormones: triiodothyronine and thyroxine, otherwise known as T3 and T4. They travel in your bloodstream to affect every organ in your body.
The way you respond to a heart attack can make a profound difference in what happens to you in the future.
Eye problems often hide in plain sight, damaging your delicate visual system before you notice any symptoms. Regular eye exams can help your eye doctor spot common eye conditions and treat them before you lose vision. Here are some of the problems he or she seeks—and the therapies that relieve them.
Do you want to gain better control over your asthma? Put it in writing!
Although the cause of rosacea is unknown, people with fair skin who blush easily may be at the greatest risk for it.
You can avoid the flu this season by taking one simple step: Get a flu shot.
Surveys show fewer than one in 10 women perceive heart disease as their greatest health threat. But it's the nation's number one killer, and women are its prime target.
With today's world filled with flashing images of MTV, quick news reports, and fast-food restaurants on every corner, are we capable of concentrating as well as we used to?
Asthma can be unpredictable, but it is important to recognize the difference between a minor flare-up and an attack that could be life-threatening.
Technology has given us the automated external defibrillator (AED), which is turning up far from hospitals. Some schools and public buildings already have AEDs.
Over the long-term, your quality of life is tied to how severe your heart attack was and how it was treated. Beyond that, any change will depend largely on you.
If you’re caring for aging parents, there’s a good chance one or both of them has a chronic condition. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 85 percent of older adults in the U.S. have at least one. And 60 percent have two or more.
Detailed information on air pollution and air pollution prevention
Several kinds of medicine are commonly prescribed for high blood pressure. Here are some of the main types.
There are 5 main types of cholesterol-lowering medications.
A kidney stone is a solid piece of material that forms in the kidney out of substances normally dissolved in the urine.
Muscle cramps -- involuntary muscle contractions -- are common. But even though they can be quite painful, they don't cause damage.
Allergies are problems of the immune system. Normally the immune system attacks harmful things such as viruses or bacteria. But sometimes it overreacts and responds to things that are normally harmless. These include dust, mold, pollen, or food.
Some treatment programs teach problem drinkers to reduce their drinking. This approach appeals to people who otherwise might not seek treatment.
Although some behavior problems can be attributed to normal child development, some need professional help.
People with arthritis can improve their health and fitness through exercise without damaging their joints.
Detailed information on the use of antibiotics and children
Ovarian cancer is the deadliest type of gynecologic cancer. That’s probably because it typically is not diagnosed until it has reached an advanced stage. But you can help protect yourself by knowing if you are at risk for this cancer and what symptoms to watch for.
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